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Dedication, passion, and tangible results

Your trusted private teacher:

private teacher

Your trusted private teacher:

I was on the train, returning from university, wondering what I liked doing and the answer was: helping people. Just as there used to be preceptors, private tutors at the courts of the rich, I was looking for something that could take care of the whole person, from mind to heart.

By this time, however, I had finished Literature and Philosophy with a focus on political journalism. And I liked travelling.

I then perfected my psycho-educational side with master courses and graduated as an Italian teacher.

Then I started travelling and working abroad: England, France, Georgia, Malta, Poland. And I saw how much I would like to find someone who could teach me the way of life, the mentality, the culture of these countries.

I am an Italian teacher, I like to convey not only the language but the culture, physically accompanying you to the places we first study, in order to create an omniscient approach to Italian history, art, poetry and culture! 

I worked for Italian and foreign schools and companies. In 2020 I turned my passion into a full time job.


By my nature, I immerse my students in an all-encompassing approach to the subject, I am convinced that the world speaks and it is wonderful to understand its language, its nature, creating a historical and social context around it to make it express and dialogue with us.

I can organize everything for you, from your stay to the historical-artistic itinerary, or we can create it together, going to see and study the sites that most interest you to seeing and getting to know in Italy.

With my personalized approach, I have seen my students' grades improve steadily. I am a patient, flexible and professional tour-teacher, able to make you reach your goals. 


There are so many different ways to learn, from reading at home to watching video-lessons but I trust that the engagement that comes from a good intellectual debate in the place we are studying is the best. 

I opened this web page with the aim of sharing my passions and experiences, but above all for a cultural void that society needs to fill, in order to make a little contribution.

Write to me for any request, need or doubt and to find the most suitable service for you and don't forget to follow me on social networks if you are interested in the contents I cover or simply to stay in touch with me!

After some long stays abroad, working as an Italian teacher, I carried out research in France at the Université de Rouen Normandie on the education of unaccompanied foreign minors (MSNA) in a double-diplôme with the University of Trieste, where I obtained a second master's degree in History, Research and Teaching.

I have always accompanied my academic training with a passion for teaching, working in associations, centers and after-school clubs, schools and companies in Italy and abroad.

I am convinced that the world speaks and it is beautiful to listen to it and understand its language.

I opened this space with the aim of sharing my passions, but above all to help others in their studies, for a void and a cultural crisis that I feel society must begin to fill.

Write to me for any request, need or doubt and together we will agree on the most suitable service for you,

follow me if you are interested and propose collaboration ideas if you see them missing,

stay in touch onSocialand leave me a comment if you like.

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