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Poetry Writing Classes

Livel A2 — C2

Online / Offline

A poetry writing course that will develop your unique inner voice.

About the Poetry writing classes 

Are you longing to connect with others on a deeper level through the written word?

Do you dream of expressing your innermost thoughts and feelings?


Poetry is the key to Parnassus, the relationship between our heart and nature.

I am dedicated to helping you unlock your creative potential and develop your inner voice as a poet.

Together, we will explore the power of language and the art of expression, diving deep into the mysteries of the human heart.

We will cultivating your unique perspective on the world around you.

My poetry classes are not only an opportunity to grow as a writer, but also a chance to connect with others who share your passion for language and beauty.

It will be you and me on a different evening talking comfortably, sipping the nectar of the gods. We will then create a supportive and nurturing community of writers by sharing our work and offering feedback that helps us all improve and grow.

Your heart is full of life, like a blank page waiting to be filled with wisdom and passion.

Poetry can take us on a journey through the depths of emotion and the secrets of life.

My poetry writing classes are designed to be a safe and supportive space for creative exploration and self-expression. I will work with you to help you develop your skills and reach your full potential.

As an artist who wants to explore every nuance of art, I am always looking for creative voices. If you are someone who is passionate about writing and would like to share your deepest thoughts, your innermost desires, your most secret dreams with me, I invite you to send me your writing. Whether it is poetry, prose or any other genre, I will be happy to read your words and discover the beauty and sensuality of your soul-voice.

There is nothing more seductive than creativity, and I look forward to seeing what you have to offer. Write to me, let your voice resonate through and together we will create masterpieces of art and passion.

Contact me today to take the first step towards unlocking your creative potential.

A poetry writing course that will develop your unique voice as a poet.

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