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Find out how national authors in italian lessons can help you to learn Italian!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Learn Italian with italian lessons from Two great names in literature, in this case, Portuguese - José Saramago and Paulo Coelho - who have achieved international fame through their works. but despite their common origin, interesting differences emerge between their productions.

Surprising, isn't it? Starting with the analysis of two Portuguese authors to improve your Italian might seem peculiar. However, trust me, it is an effective method. I guarantee it, no joke. Imagine participating in a marathon wearing shoes you found on the spot. You will not have the same confidence as running in the ones you bought close to home, from your trusty neighbourhood shopkeeper.

The empathy, consistency and familiarity you have with what you know cannot be matched by something new.

The same concept applies to Italian lessons and language learning. Online lessons from the comfort of your own home will be no less effective than Italian lessons in Rome. Why? Because trust and familiarity influence your performance.

This is where the second STEP comes in.

As a teacher of Italian, I will guide you from what you already know, first developing your thinking in your own language and then in Italian.

Whether you are Russian or Portuguese, the concept is the same. In our Italian lessons, we will build on what you know and then extend your thinking beyond the boundaries of your linguistic comfort zone. Using literature too, the focus of our inner dreams.

"Literature is not born in books. It is born the moment an author imagines a character, a plot, a metaphor, the moment a poet finds the right word, the moment a novelist discovers the key that opens an invisible door. It is in the head of the writer that it all begins, and it is also there that it ends, when the reader turns the last page, when the light goes out, when the book is closed and the character, the plot, the right word, the invisible door, everything disappears, but it leaves a trail of life in the air that will continue beyond of who created it." - José Saramago

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Imagine that you were faced with two texts by your favourite national authors and I asked you to compare them. For example:

José Saramago, novelist and essayist, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998. His fluent prose and unique storytelling gave him worldwide fame. His works often explore political and social themes.

Paulo Coelho is also a writer with numerous international bestsellers, but his books deal with spirituality and the search for a deeper meaning in life.

Although the two authors present different styles, both capture the interest of students of Italian because of their proximity to us. The writers have the gift of speaking to anyone's heart. Many of the works are also translated into Italian, making them interesting to foreign students who want to learn Italian in a comparison with their original language.

As a teacher of Italian specialising in online lessons, I believe that the works of Saramago and Coelho, like those of many foreign authors, are excellent tools for improving one's knowledge of Italian. When the prose is fluent and the ability to create vivid characters and compelling situations is evident, students can easily improve their Italian language skills.

Italian lessons are suitable for everyone and as a teacher of Italian, I have noticed that literature texts can improve students' vocabulary and develop their own writing skills in Italian. This is particularly useful for those who intend to use Italian for academic or professional reasons.

In conclusion, stylistic differences can be effective tools for learning Italian as a foreign language, both through online and face-to-face lessons.

"Every language is a unique and irreplaceable experience of human beings, a world of differences and symbols that define the identity of people and nations. The beauty of a language lies in its diversity, in the enchantment of its sonority, in the immensity of its cultural and historical heritage. Learning a foreign language means enriching oneself with a new perspective, discovering new cultures and ways of thinking, opening oneself to the world and to the future." - Paulo Coelho

Give me a call and ask me more info about the italian lessons, I will be happy to answer you and hear your opinion! I have experimented with this method and it works, but maybe you have a better one! :)


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