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Mens agitat molem - Θάλαττα, θάλαττα

[ molem Mens agitat ]
« Thalatta! Thalatta! All hail to thee, thou eternal sea! All hail to thee ten thousand times From my jubilant heart, As once thou wast hailed By ten thousand Grecian hearts. Misfortune-combating, homeward-yearning, World-renowned Grecian hearts.» [Heinrich Heine – Senofonte] 

I am like the wind.

I try to be. No, don’t cry, please

I don’t scream

I just look at my body in flames;

while I play the harp..

I am a suicide from the collective judging

I died and killed

for my self-judgment.

I do not want masters

……………………………….. domine non sum dignus


my dirty



of despair

the need for truth

                                                   the ἀλήθεια

Ξίφος τιτρώσκει σῶμα, τὸν δὲ νοῦν λόγος.

I am my own death.


under control.

 I could not bear the inability to escape,

just by myself…

– The worst slave traders –

and I accepted their will!

But as the wind

the breeze that I would become

would be a beneficium

like in the clear

hot nights,

overseas, the summer

I’d like to bring

                                                                          Mens agitat molem

I am the creolization

between the air and the water

I’m the wind

that sweeps the storm

and collects it

in the gutters,


suddenly  the mountain

becomes even bigger.

Pier Paolo Piscopo

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