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Questions we don’t ask

For some time now we have been waking up to the horrific news of terror attacks in cities all over the world, we’ve seen them happen in the airports, during the concerts, at movie screenings, in the streets, during celebrations exc. and yet we have not figured a way out, we seem to have no control after all, no concrete government official to blame, no system to march against, no one to arrest for the committed crimes.

When something like this happens in Nigeria by the hand of Boko Haram or at the airport of Istanbul no buildings or icons of major cities became of the colors of the flags of the countries attacked. Perhaps it is because these states are culturally distant or politically different but other thought could remember us that from the end of the second world the public opinion was always against the “boots on the ground” even about the controversial intervention and the presence in Iraq.

When this reality heats us, it seems like we are unable to react, our sadness, our fears, our anger or our inability to understand leads us to passive actions, such as Facebook solidarity (which in it’s core is not a thing to be judged, but has started to become pretty annoying in the wake of the reality that we are facing). But after we’ve shared some posts, colored our profile pictures and updated our status to “feeling sad”, what is left for us to do or feel?

The global mass media shows us all what is happening in the world in real time, but this has an anesthetizing effect on us and we feel it distant, not perceptible for our senses. From the war in Vietnam to that in Libia, trough Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, the public opinion was divided about the need for war. In this age of modernity the far and lost world that has been seen just as a source for petroleum for quite long is becoming closer and closer.    

Well, it does not feel good to be so helpless so the mind goes miles and miles to find some answers. The questions that come to our minds are simple in fact, are we really defenseless against terrorism? Can our governments do nothing to protect us? Is it really that easy for terrorist to fool the Intelligence forces of so many governments involved?  Will the people demand more action from the respective governments? The WW soup is boiling and it lacks one ingredient – an approval from the society.

le problème russo-américain, et là nous revenons à l’Algérie, va être dépassé lui-même avant très peu, cela ne sera pas un choc d’empires nous assistons au choc de civilisations et nous voyons dans le monde entier les civilisations colonisées surgir peu à peu et se dresser contre les civilisations colonisatrices.” Albert Camus on the 1946.

Everything seems perfectly unclear!

Nina nachkebia & pier paolo piscopo

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