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Tutor privato: offerte!

Dopo la prima lezione e il primo incontro conoscitivo, grandi offerte su tutoraggio online e aiuto compiti, attività extrascolastiche e lezioni di italiano per stranieri!

A migrant’s glimse

Who can say if a concept is possible or not

without words,

plain, blank, white..

I saw what you see and have no words to say

I realize that nothing is new.

….and the moon in the dark yellowing the clothes

stays the sea in your heart

prison or freedom, the high tide is coming

stay where you are

il crepuscolo è silenzioso, vena di bizzarria, una vecchia barca a motore alla deriva…

nuance of blue

between the sky and the Earth, the sea

it’s gentle and kind like a knight

clear and deep, light and dark

all the same among the waves

  …and malinconic such as a man!!

I keep my look on your wings

carry on carry on, a glance to the sky

carry on with your flight…

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