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By your side, step by step to your italian lessons

Teaching italian language lessons doesn't just mean entering notions to memorize in the students' heads; it means giving them the right tools to study italian to think critically and master the subject. I am deeply convinced that an effective italian teacher can change habits and ultimately improve the quality of life of those who receive it.


I am an italian teacher in italian and I have been offering italian language lessons for beginners, advanced or study italian language in italy  programm to study in italy for international students in Rome or online, helping them to reach their full potential. Here you can choose the italian study plan you are interested in and contact me.

Italian lessons

Italian lessons online

Level A1 — C2

Online / Offline

Study italian lesson with a native italian teacher! From beginner to advanced, learn how to study italian easily and conveniently.

Latin lessons

Latin classes

Level C1 — C2

Online / Offline

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of latin based languages?  The language latin origin is foundations of Western civilization.

Literature lessons

Art classes

Level B1 — C2

Online / Offline

Italian arts classes are tailored to suit your needs and interests.

History lessons

Italian history

Level A2 — C2

Online / Offline

If you're looking for history in italian classes and a knowledgeable and engaging italy's history italian teacher, look no further!

Philosophy lessons

Philosophy classes

Level B2 — C2

Online / Offline

Challenge and inspire yourself and start thinking critically and creatively about the world around you.

Poetry lessons

Poetry classes

Level A2 — C2

Online / Offline

Are you longing to connect with others on a deeper level through the written word?

  • How do I sign up for the course, and what are the payment options?
    I may offer online registration and payment options, as well as options for payment plans or discounts for multiple sessions.
  • What materials will I need for the course, and do you provide them?
    For the beginners I will send an ebbok as a textbook. For the advanced I will send you material, documents and online resources.
  • What is the format of the lessons, and how long are they?
    The lessons are online and each session will be about 60 minutes. Attendance and punctuality are required and homework is strongly recommended for faster learning. The lesson schedule will be planned together with the client.
  • How will my progress be assessed, and will I receive feedback?
    Progress will be assessed through quizzes, tests, or other assignments. I will provide feedback on your progress and if you don't pass a level you will repeat for free.
  • How much individual attention will I receive, and what support will be available outside of class?
    You will receive individual attention during and after the course. Outside of class there will be reception hours, e-mail support and chat where students can ask questions and share resources.
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