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Italian Literature lessons

level B1 — C2

Online / Offline

"The women, the horses, the arms, the loves, the courtesies, the daring deeds I sing" Find out which artist drew the Orlando Furisos with Italian art lessons!

About the Italian art lessons course

Italian art lessons are tailored to suit your romance needs and interests.

I truly believe that studying Italian art can be a transformative experience.

Are you a lover of Italian art? Do you want to explore the richness and complexity of Italian artist and culture? Look no further than Italian art lessons!

From Michelangelo to Pistoletto through the great works of art, exploring themes such as love, identity, politics, and history.

You will discuss the social and cultural contexts and examine the ways in which they continue to resonate with contemporary audiences.

Whether you are pursuing an academic career or simply interested in broadening your horizons, Italian art lessons will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

So why wait? Contact us to find out more about Italian art classes and take the first step!

The price for private italian art lessons can vary depending on various factors such as:

- Your level of experience and qualifications
- The depth of each session (what you need, for which goal)
- The frequency of the classes (how many hours you need)
- The location of the classes (online or in-person)
- The demand of material you need.

You will tell what you need and we will fix a program according to it.

/// Discover the Beauty and Complexity of Italian Art: Embark on a Journey of Learning with an Experienced teacher

Course length:

Individual or in group

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